Industrial Engineering Program (IE)

The Faculty of Mechanical and Production Sciences Engineering (FIMCP) offers a modern and promising option for students and professionals in general with Industrial Engineering (IE).

The IE carreer was created on April 11, 1995 by the Polytechnic Council Resolution No. 95-04-136. IAPI has been designed to meet current and future needs of the public and private productive sector, which seeks to guide its operations to increase productivity and quality, to compete successfully in the business environment, locally and internationally. Companies today more than ever require engineers who are specifically related to the use of human, technical, material, economic, and financial and information.

The IE faculty has the purpose of training future professionals with a solid academic preparation in order to make a local company competitive. An Industrial Engineer can design, manage and control systems such as: production control, logistics, quality, health and safety; and human resources. Also, Industrial Engineers apply Operations Research to optimize real processes .


The Mission of the Industrial Engineering (IE) Program is:

“To educate industrial engineers of excellence that are socially conscious, leaders and entrepreneurs, with solid moral and ethical values, with knowledge and skills to (1) use human, financial and technical resources efficiently, (2) design, optimize and continuously improve manufacturing and service processes, (3) manage human resources, and, (4) use effective information for decision-making. They are professionals with the necessary competence to carry out research, innovate, and promote technology transfer, to serve society and contribute to the development of the country.”

Program Enrollment and Degree Data