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Food Packaging: essential function and new challenges


Food Packaging: essential function and new challenges

Instructora: Sandra Domenek, Profesora de AgroParisTech - Universidad Paris Saclay, Francia.

  • Idioma del curso: Inglés
  • Fecha: lunes 22 de octubre de 2018 de 14h00 a 17h00 y martes 23 de octubre de 9h00 a 12h00.
  • Lugar: Sala de Postgrado B de la FIMCP.
  • Contacto y registro gratuito:  Dr. Rómulo Salazar, rvsalaza@espol.edu.ec, Tel. +593-4-2269294


Food packaging is an essential partner for the delivery of high quality food to the consumer. Modern packaging materials fulfill multiple purposes, such as ease of transport and usage, information of consumers, marketing of products, underpinning brand strategies, etc. But the prime function is still the protection of food from harm (physical, chemical, microbiological contamination) and the preservation of its sensorial and nutritional quality. These missions are continuously challenged as the requirements of food and the usage habits of customers evolve. In addition, the end-of-life scenarios of packaging need to be managed, as the amount of packaging wastes disseminated in terrestrial and marine environments now constitutes a worldwide problem.  
The lesson is placed within this context. It will give an overview of the main physical chemical phenomena underlying the function of packaging and dress the research directions of the Packaging Group towards more sustainable packaging materials based on these structure/function relationships. 

1) Institutional Presentation

  • AgroParisTech – Engineering School in Life Sciences of the University Paris-Saclay
  • Joint Research Unit “UMR GENIAL” AgroParisTech/INRA/University Paris-Saclay
  • Food Packaging Research team

2)  Introduction into food packaging – focus on plastics

  • Food packaging materials with special focus on plastics
  • Safety of packaging - EU regulation on “Food Contact Materials”
  • Ecodesing of plastics

3) Structure/function relationships of polymers relevant for packaging functions

  • Morphology of polymers and characterization methods
  • Mechanical properties of polymers
  • Mass transport in dense materials
  • Food/polymer interactions

4) Research topics of the Food Packaging group of the UMR GENIAL

  • Safety of Food Contact Materials
    • Migration modeling
    • Analytical strategies for determining additives and contaminants
  • Interactions of Packaging and Food
  • New materials – valorization of agricultural products and bioplastics
    • Development of ductile PLA materials
    • Barrier properties of semicrystalline polymers
    • Active materials
    • Nanocomposites using nanocellulose

5) Further trends and perspectives

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