The FIMCP facilities, on the Guastavo Galindo campus, are distributed as follows: 

Left Ground Floor:

  • Deanery
  • Subdeanship
  • Offices of Dean and Assistant Dean.
  • Coordination of the careers: Mechanical Engineer; Food Engineer; Mechanical Engineer and Mechatronic Engineer. 
  • FIMCP secretaries

Left Ground Floor

  • Graduate office.
  • Top Floor Left Part:
  • Teacher offices.
  • Coffee.
  • Teacher's room.
  • Meeting room.

Upper Floor Right Part:

  • Teacher offices.
  • Coffee.
  • Meeting room.

Ground floor: Offices of the dean, sub-dean, career coordinators and secretaries of the faculty. 
Left Upper Floor: Teachers' offices, cafeteria, teachers' room, meeting room. 
Upper Floor Right: Teachers' offices, cafeteria, meeting room, postgraduate office. 
Ground Floor Right part: Graduate offices and room A. 

Building 18A 

Upper floor: Robotics offices, teachers' room and workers' fraternity. 
Ground floor: Thermofluids Laboratory. 
Ground floor right part: CAMPRO Laboratory, Mechatronics. 

Building 18B 

Upper floor: Microbiology Laboratory, free study room, food laboratories, FIMCP Library. 
Ground floor: Solids Laboratory, ASEPLAS, bromatology laboratory, unit operations laboratory, Research and Development Laboratory. 

Building 18C 

Second Floor: Teachers' office, materials laboratory. 
First Floor: LEMAT, Welding Laboratory, Classroom, Metallography laboratory. 
Ground Floor: LEMAT, Tire Laboratory. 

24C building 

Top floor: Classrooms (5) 
Ground floor: Classrooms (5) 

Building 24E 

Second Floor: Computer Laboratory and 2 classrooms. 
First Floor: Classrooms (5) Master's classroom. 
Ground floor: Classrooms 2, teachers' room for food, Neuroscience laboratory.